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"I have yet to see this elusive “Power” that the public apparently has over the Government.

Can you vote to change a government? Sure, every 4/5 years but in our system we don’t vote people we like in, we vote people we hate out!

Can you protest? Yes, but the government is under zero obligation to listen – that’s why you have a right to peacefully assemble – because you don’t have a Charter Right to be heard, and they know it.

Can you also send a memorandum of understanding to the government, via registered main, asking them stop mandates? Sure, but you’re going to be called a terrorist by the media and the government for that!

Demand change in government, without an election, and the Federal government will declare the Emergencies Act, if its required or not, and a Judge will agree, no matter what the reason its invoked! (FYI, no one ever demanded a change in government in Canada in the last 50 + years)

Can you start a political party to change things? Yes, but unless the media gives you fair coverage, and they absolutely will not, you won’t stand a change. I know, that’s what happened to me and the Ontario Party last year in the Ontario Provincial Election.

Can you have a convoy and go to your nations capitol to protest? Sure, but after the last time, it’s now illegal to protest, in Ontario, with a large vehicle if you block “critical infrastructure”. You could go to jail for a year and get a $100,000 fine, or both because Doug Ford passed Bill-100 last year. The government gave themselves legislation to put us in “Check” over that one.

What about social media? Can you make a big difference there? Perhaps, but only on a few platforms. But its only to spread information. Remember, the Police monitor that heavily too. The federal government has now passed into Law, the censorship Bill C-11 and have now given themselves North Korea like powers over the internet.

You can also try to convince Ontario voters to not vote Liberal, but how is that possible when they literally bribe new immigrants, who don’t comprehend our political system, with money and housing and the promise of a great life.

Can you disobey law enforcement and go to church? Sure, but then the RCMP and other Police departments will confiscate your church and put your pastor in jail, because the Supremacy of God, written in the first paragraph of the Charter is meaningless. We built this country on Judaeo-Christian beliefs, but there is no room for you here in Canada any more.

What power do we actually have because I’m not seeing any. Other than to leave? Where do you go? Who will take you in, especially if you are a Caucasian? The answer is nowhere. You’re trapped here. Imagine, going from feeling blessed to be here, to feeling trapped?

All I offer here is dead ends, and no solutions. Why, because the people of Canada, myself included, were asleep to the corruption on this country for decades. We didn’t see it coming because we didn’t think we had to look. We trusted politicians to do the “Canadian Thing.”

Well, we all woke up one day and realized that we have been put into "Check Mate", at every turn and there’s not a thing we can do to stop the abuser from abusing - short of a violent outcome, or a full economic collapse, nothing will change. I certainly don’t want violence. I’ve been up close and personal with violence my entire life and I want no part of it. None.

Until the Police prove they're on our side - they are not!

My best advice, which is very little today, find your people, buy land, get off grid and stop depending on society until we take it back. This cultural war started many decades ago and the battle ground has always been in our cities. Get involved in municipal politics and as a school board trustee level." - Tom M.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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2 Years Today 😇

The EastCoast church of Christ was planted on May 8th, 2022 🙂

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"Cleansing the Temple"

Sermon Sunday: John 2:13-25
EastCoast church of Christ
Moncton, NB, Canada.
Sunday, Sept. 18th, 2022.

"Cleansing the Temple"
"Water Baptism, Saves?"

In 1 Peter 3:21, we see the explicit inspired words of Peter the Apostle of Jesus the Christ. Was he teaching the Christians of the 1st Century that they were saved by "water?" What exactly did Peter mean within the context? This and more we explore in this exclusive LOCALS podcast session.

POLL question: "was Peter the Apostle married?"

"Water Baptism, Saves?"
Together we Survive

"By 2026, the median monthly cost for Canadians with a variable rate mortgage and fixed payments is projected to rise by over 60%.

According to the Bank of Canada, even mortgage holders with fixed rates will see their payments increase. They are projected to climb by 20% next year, and in 2026."

  • Bank of Canada
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Rescued - Transferred - Redeemed
The Kingdom of His beloved Son

You've fallen asleep comfy in your bed, and a fire started in your house. You wake to panic as you become aware of your surroundings, trapped by a wall of lavalike heat. You find yourself in danger, where smoke and flames threaten your life. Your neighbors were capable of seeing the threat and had since called for help. The firefighters arrive on the scene and immediately find you in your bedroom--time for a rescue. Are you yet seen in a location of satety? No, not yet. There still needs to be a transfer from the site of dakness, smoke, and fire to an area of light, fresh air, and safety. And so the firefighters guide you out of certain death into a secure location. You have now been saved, not without damage, trauma, and loss. But you've gained your life and get to learn fowared another day.

You've become idle in your sinful behavior and practices. You wake to panic as you become aware of your eternal punishment. A neighbor cares for you enough to share Jesus with you. Will you obey the gospel?

The reception of forgivness was the desired result of all who willfully gave their lives to Christ, submissive to His spiritual operation (Col. 2:11-12). Paul, the apostle, speaking to his brethren in Colossae, was accurate in reminding them of their reconciliation. And how the Word of God they had chosen to hear produced fruit for the Kingdom. The Kingdom was God's preplanned location where all found within would have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

A domain needs a King, Christ Jesus. A Kingdom has boundaries, borders, law and order, and justice. This Kingdom is of a peculiar kind, and we should all seek first legal citizenry (Mt. 6:33). His Kingdom is the body, the church (Col. 2:1,18,24). The body for it has organic members all united for the purposed function--the church fo its assembly, it's family. The way in? Being a repentant believer confessing Christ, immersed into water calling on His name, in order to receive the forgiveness of your sins, being added to His Kingdom, local assembly (i.e. "rescued, transferred, redeemed"). 

This good news of Jesus Christ "was proclaimed in all creation" to give humankind a way out of the flames and sinful consequences. And we are wise to hear its call.

Is your house on fire?

Ref. Colossians 2:13-24

Your servant,




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