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Sermon Topic? (12/05/2021)

Please share with us in the comment section what your Preacher proclaimed from the pulpit this Sunday?

I myself opened Job chapter one and brought to our attention God's faithful servant (vs1) being recipient to all sorts of blessing which included family (vs2), possessions (vs3), holiday festivities (vs4), and worship (vs5). And how Satan in his corrupt nature sought to question Job's heart and the motive of God's ability to discern His own servants. For a corrupt mind tends to think all are corrupt (6-12).

And just in moment of traditional festive joy was being practiced by Job's family (vs13), the recorded account transitions to devastating and traumatic experience for Job. The "bad news" seems more severe with each new message coming in (vs14-19), as he becomes the brunt vessel in which Satan's destructive nature is aggressively activated.

Job is ravaged into sheer chaos after losing his possessions, servants, and children. Would we not be also? What God had blessed Job with has now been removed by Satan's influential behaviour to invoke enemies, thievery, and murder. Causing a faithful man of God to tare (ripping pain), shave (separation, shame and sorrow), and fall (having all bodily faculties drop useless) to the ground. The account could have easily said "and cursed God" as his wife would later berate (2:9). But no, Job worshipped God (vs20) and did not sin after all he'd been through (vs22).

God may very well bless faithful Christians this day with family, possessions, holidays, and worship. But sin can remove all of those blessings from one day to the next, and remind us what remains: faithful worship to God.

When life gets difficult and it will (i.e. persecution, death of loved ones, deteriorating heath, etc), may we be wise to know God can conquer the Devil through His faithful servants. Servants which persevere through hardships with the love of Christ dwelling in our minds.

  • Stephane H. Maillet
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"Cleansing the Temple"

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"Cleansing the Temple"
"Water Baptism, Saves?"

In 1 Peter 3:21, we see the explicit inspired words of Peter the Apostle of Jesus the Christ. Was he teaching the Christians of the 1st Century that they were saved by "water?" What exactly did Peter mean within the context? This and more we explore in this exclusive LOCALS podcast session.

POLL question: "was Peter the Apostle married?"

"Water Baptism, Saves?"
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Rescued - Transferred - Redeemed
The Kingdom of His beloved Son

You've fallen asleep comfy in your bed, and a fire started in your house. You wake to panic as you become aware of your surroundings, trapped by a wall of lavalike heat. You find yourself in danger, where smoke and flames threaten your life. Your neighbors were capable of seeing the threat and had since called for help. The firefighters arrive on the scene and immediately find you in your bedroom--time for a rescue. Are you yet seen in a location of satety? No, not yet. There still needs to be a transfer from the site of dakness, smoke, and fire to an area of light, fresh air, and safety. And so the firefighters guide you out of certain death into a secure location. You have now been saved, not without damage, trauma, and loss. But you've gained your life and get to learn fowared another day.

You've become idle in your sinful behavior and practices. You wake to panic as you become aware of your eternal punishment. A neighbor cares for you enough to share Jesus with you. Will you obey the gospel?

The reception of forgivness was the desired result of all who willfully gave their lives to Christ, submissive to His spiritual operation (Col. 2:11-12). Paul, the apostle, speaking to his brethren in Colossae, was accurate in reminding them of their reconciliation. And how the Word of God they had chosen to hear produced fruit for the Kingdom. The Kingdom was God's preplanned location where all found within would have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

A domain needs a King, Christ Jesus. A Kingdom has boundaries, borders, law and order, and justice. This Kingdom is of a peculiar kind, and we should all seek first legal citizenry (Mt. 6:33). His Kingdom is the body, the church (Col. 2:1,18,24). The body for it has organic members all united for the purposed function--the church fo its assembly, it's family. The way in? Being a repentant believer confessing Christ, immersed into water calling on His name, in order to receive the forgiveness of your sins, being added to His Kingdom, local assembly (i.e. "rescued, transferred, redeemed"). 

This good news of Jesus Christ "was proclaimed in all creation" to give humankind a way out of the flames and sinful consequences. And we are wise to hear its call.

Is your house on fire?

Ref. Colossians 2:13-24

Your servant,




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